Feb 26 2014

Mix no 10

In anticipation of our upcoming gig at Fotografiska in Stockholm this Saturday we decided to put a new mix together. As we’re playing warm up for Pachanga Boys at the party, which we’re obviously overexcited about, we had to try really hard not to turn it into a one-hour long Pachanga tribute. Final Pachanga factor: 2/15 tracks. Enjoy and hope you like it!

Nov 27 2013

May 13 2013
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New Mix!

Inspired by the oncoming swedish summer, and all giggly in the heads due to acute “POLLENCHOCK” we put together a sweet mix of our latest favorites, including a new Norwegian diskoprins, some Midsummer nostalgia, R&B voices and a great release from Jacques Renault’s record label Let’s Play House. Don’t miss him when he’s playing with us in Malmö on the 24th!

May 07 2013

MCDE at Boiler Room London

Such a nice groove, this one.

Mar 25 2013


New EP from Ejeca coming up! Out April 8.

Mar 03 2013
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The February Mix

Give our latest mix a listen! The February edition of our monthly mixes was released Thursday and feature new tracks from Shakarchi & Stranéus, Lokiboi, Kahwe, Axel Boman and Medlar, some UPZ and Smallpeople, plus that Figgy remix of Drake that we’ve been obsessing over the last couple of weeks. Hope you like it!

Feb 27 2013

Jan 31 2013

The Mix of the Month!

The last day of the month means a new mix from Haidl & Lindstrøm! Our January was lit by a new disco release from local Faasan Recordings, Christopher Rau’s second album and an astonishing bootleg from Disclosure with Janet Jackson and Nelly. Among others. You find them all in the 42’22 set above. Enjoy!

Jan 31 2013

BIS Radio Show #662


Genius HNNY over at Beats in Space this week.

Jan 24 2013

No longer a depressing clublife

Today’s finding! German house producer Christopher Rau released his second album TWO at Smallville Records recently and here is the result.

Simple, beautiful, dance friendly. The fuzzy art work for the cover makes it a 10 out of 10. If you don’t believe us, read the storytelling press release:

Clublife became depressing. As if all those dancers, djs, producers, journalists, retailers only turned on their autopilot. Destination: Nowhere. Clubmusic lost its heart, the love the magic. Stop. Stop It. Now! Of course we still have those venues, promoters, musicians who do not believe in flatrates and refuse the constant synchronize button. Those few are always on a rush to find that feeling so many have lost……There is only one Christopher Rau.The 28year old producer is not on a big mission against club depression. But he knows how to turn a simple beat, a reduced baseline and only a few sound elements into heaven”

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